School-Based Health Centers

Children can seek medical and behavioral healthcare at one of our school-based health centers. School-based health centers provide easy access for clients and also help students adopt healthier behaviors at an earlier age.

Davis Street Arts and Academic Magnet School
35 Davis Street, New Haven
Phone: (203) 497-7815
Services: Medical • Mental Health • Health Education

Hill Central Music Academy
375 Quinnipiac Ave, New Haven
Phone: (203) 946-2347
Services: Medical • Mental Health • Health Education

King Robinson Inter-District Magnet School
150 Fournier Street, New Haven
Phone: (203) 691-2791
Services: Medical • Mental Health

Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy
360 Columbus Avenue, New Haven
Phone: (203) 497-7617
Services: Medical • Mental Health

Truman Elementary School
114 Truman Street, New Haven
Phone: (203) 691-2122
Services: Medical • Mental Health

To book an appointment
or for more information,
call (203) 503-3000